Xender Web|How to use,Connect PC(Secret TIP)-XenderWeb

Xender Web|How to use,Connect PC(Secret TIP)-XenderWeb
Xender Web|How to use, Connect PC(Secret TIP): Xender is one of the most popular applications on Android for sharing your files, movies, games. It offers fast transfer speeds, a ton of features, clean UI, and completely ad-free. Millions of smartphone users use xender every day. But, do you know that the xender app is not limited to your smartphone only? What if I tell that you can enjoy the same great features of xender on PC? The days of slow file transfer over USB cause have come with Xender for PC You can transfer anything and all wire-free!
Do you want to know how? Read along, and we'll tell you how to use Xender on a PC and make cross-platform file sharing easier. We have also added a FAQ at the end of the article, so be sure to check it out.
Xender web is a free web online file transfer service for PC users and also available in the android and ios apps. Web xender lets you quickly connect your PC or Mac to your phone by scanning a QR code for a seamless file sharing experience between two devices. Xender Web is an online client that does not require you to install any special app or do anything. You will be able to easily transfer files between your PC and mobile devices via Xender Web

Xender is a free to use file transfer app that lets you easily transfer files between different devices in a wireless way without an internet connection. Xender easy to use, simple UI, and fast! With 100 Milion + downloads on the Google Play Store, it's hands down, the best file sharing app, period.


    When you have successfully connected your PC to your phone using xender, you will see a page like this on your PC browser (image above). All the files on your phone are automatically classified into five categories, namely - images, videos, music, documents, apps. This is especially helpful as most smartphone users do not organize storage like PC.web.xender

    The homepage or dashboard gives you a summary of the files stored on your phone based on the file types at a glance. The panel or homepage also provides you with the device name, OS description, and storage statistics.

    For example, our Redmi Note 4 is running on Android version 7.0 and has a total of 2277 images (see below image icon). Similarly, we have 106 videos, 16 MP files, 28 document files (doc, pdf, Docx, etc.) stored locally on the device. The four box icon (also known as APK icon) shows how many APK files are on your phone.

    Note that the xender web shows the number of ".apk" files stored locally on your device, not the number of apps installed on your phone or tablet. There is no APK file in our Redmi Note 4. The bottom-most folder icon takes you to your phone's storage.

    Xender web features

    Finally, below is a bar that displays the amount of storage available on your phone.

    The same options are available on the left sidebar. Clicking on the icons on the dashboard or the apps on the right sidebar takes you to each category, just like the app itself.


    Xender is an app with the help of which you can easily share files from your smartphone or tablet. Initially, it was only available for Android, and later it was made available for iOS. Although the Xender app has a working port for the Windows OS, the initiative did not stop until the recent release of Xender Web or (later also known as web.xender). Now, xender is a real cross-platform solution for file sharing. And it makes more sense on a PC or laptop.

    Our phones and tablets are more interconnected than our PCs. We have images and WhatsApp sharing WhatsApp quickly. We have applications such as xender for offline sharing, and so on. However, when it comes to sending files from your laptop to your phone (or vice versa), you stick to Bluetooth or a data cable. With Xender on your PC / laptop, you can easily share files. That too for any Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry, Kai OS device. how cool is that?

    Xender Web|How to use,Connect PC(Secret TIP)-XenderWeb

    Features of Xender for PC?

    • Connect your phone wirelessly to your PC or laptop without any app easily by one click.
    • Much faster than a traditional Bluetooth connection file transfer method.
    • One tap highly secured connection with a single QR code scanning system.
    • Unlimited File Transfer without any cost.
    • Easy to use platform, streamlined user interface without any ads.

    Features explanation

    Transfer Everything:

    Xender can transfer any and all types of files, pictures, music, videos, even file formats that your phone does not support natively.

    xtremely fast :

    Xender is one of the fastest file sharing solutions available. With a maximum transfer speed of 40MB / s, it is faster than most home broadband. You can transfer data within seconds!

    Virtual data cable:

    Ability to wirelessly connect your smartphone to your PC / laptop. It is like a virtual data cable.

    Access and manage phone storage:

    Xender not only connects your PC to your phone, but also gives you an organized view of your phone storage such as how many photos, videos, or documents you have.

    supported devices:

    It supports cross-platform file transfer across all major operating systems.

    No limits:

    There is no file sharing limit. You can share with as many devices as you want.

    Ads free:

    Xender does not advertise its users, and it is free. You will never be charged or forced to watch ads.

    How does Xender work for PC?

    xender is a free platform that allows you to share unlimited data without any internet easily. Instead of using Bluetooth, it uses on-device WiFi for peer-to-peer connections. The entire process is wireless, and you do not need an active Internet connection to send or receive files. Files can be of any type, including pictures, videos, audio, documents, games, movies, etc. Xander works without any data cable and saves you the hassle of carrying one.

    How to use and connect to Xender Web?
    Xender Web|How to use,Connect PC(Secret TIP)-XenderWeb

    There are four methods to use we discuss them one by one.

    Method 1: Using the Official Xender Web

    The easiest way to use xender for PC is to use Xender Web. It is a browser-based solution developed by the in-house xender team. What this means is, you do not need to install Xender on a Windows PC to use it.

    When you open Xender Web or Web Xender (whatever you prefer to call it) in your browser, it provides you with a specific QR code on the screen. Scan it with your xender app, and your device connects to your PC.

    PC for the offline installer is a Xander app for Windows or xender that runs without any problems in Windows 7, 8, and 10 (more on that later).

    How to PC using Xender Web:
    • If you do not already have it, download the latest version of Xender apk from the Play Store / iOS Store on your phone or tablet.
    • open it
    • Click on the plus button ('+') at the top right corner.
    • Click on 'Connect to PC'.
    • Now, go to your Chrome / Firefox or any other browser on your PC and go to http://web.xender.com. Similarly, you can search Xender Web on your web browser.
    • scan your PC  QR code with the help of a mobile xender app.
    • Once successfully connected, you can enjoy xender on PC. You can view all files, pictures, applications, videos on your phone/tablet.
    Pros: There is no need to download any software or anything as it is completely browser-based. However, if you want to install xender for PC on your computer and do not want to run it on the browser, you can skip this method.

    Cons: For this method to work you must have an internet connection on both your mobile and PC.


    Method 2: Install Xender for PC using emulator

    For those who do not know, emulation means "reproduction of the function or action of another computer, software system, etc." The emulator is software that creates a virtual system environment (guest system) inside a host system.

    For example, take the example of Bluestacks. This creates a virtual Android OS environment inside a host Windows operating system. A user can use this virtual environment to run any Android app on their Windows PC.

    There are hundreds of emulators on the internet for free. However, in this article, we will only cover the popular emulators. that is

    Blue Stacks:
    Xender Web|How to use,Connect PC(Secret TIP)-XenderWeb

    This (Bluestacks) is by far the most popular Android emulator. Developed by an American technology company, Bluestacks App Player enables users to run Android applications on a Windows PC or Mac. It is a freeware, but you will have advertisements on it. The premium version starts at $ 2 per month.

    BlueStacks Minimum System Requirements

    Processor: Intel or AMD processor.

    RAM: Your PC should have a minimum of 2GB of RAM.

    HDD: 5GB free disk space.

    OS: Microsoft Windows 7 and above.

    Additional Requirements: Updated graphics driver from Microsoft or chipset vendor. You must be an administrator on your PC.

    Let's see how to install Xender for PC using BlueStacks.

    How to install Xender on your PC with Bluestacks

    Installing Xender for PC is simple using Bluestacks.
    • First of all, install Bluestacks on your PC. If you do not have Bluestacks, you can download the latest version from here.
    • After the installation is complete, launch Bluestacks.
    • Go to Playstore in BlueStacks and login with your Gmail address and install Xender APK on it.
    • After the installation is complete, launch the app.
    • On your smartphone, open the xender app and press the receive button. This is necessary because it may cause a connection error otherwise.
    • In Bluestacks select the option of sending to xender app.
    • You can choose to scan a QR code or find your mobile in a list of nearby devices.
    done! You are ready to transfer files randomly between your PC and mobile.

    Pros: The emulator is very popular and has a great developer support

    Cons: Bluestacks is very heavy and resource-hungry. You will need a good PC to keep the emulator running smoothly.

    Method 3: How to use Xender using hotspot or direct connection

    The Xender app lets you connect directly to your PC using a mobile hotspot. This method does not require any data or any emulator to work, but it is not as intuitive as Xander Web.

    • Open the Xender app on your mobile.
    • Tap the (+) button on the top-right bar of the app.
    • Select the 'PC Connect to PC' option.
    • Tap on 'Create Hotspot'.
    • Now go to your PC browser and type DNS: "" ("without") in the search bar.
    • You will get a signal on your mobile. Tap on Accept, and you're connected.
    • Now, all the files on your phone can be accessed and stored from the PC.
    • If you browse the picture on your phone, it will pop up on your computer screen as well.
    • In addition, you can slide a photo on your phone to download them to your PC. All are consumed without any data.
    Pros: Does not consume data.

    Cons: Using Xender Web is not as easy

    Method 4: Use Xender with Xender for PC Software

    There is an Ultrabook for 2 in the Microsoft Store and an official xender app for Windows available in some other touch screen devices. However, you can easily sideload the app to any Windows machine (PC). Your device must have a WiFi receiver. If you plan to use it on a desktop computer that does not have WiFi, it will not work.

    Remember that you need real WiFi hardware. Your home router is connected to your desktop via Ethernet.


    Can I download Xender for PC?
    Xender is easy to use on your PC. If you do not need to use Xender Web or Direct Share through the application, you do not need to download anything. Read the article to find out how.

    Is there a Xander for PC?
    Yes, there is We have specifically covered everything in detail in method number 4.

    Does Xender Web require an internet connection?
    Yes, it does, but you can use the direct hotspot method. It has the same UI and features as Xender Web. But the connecting process is a bit cumbersome. Please read the article carefully to know everything in detail.

    How to use Xender PC without an internet connection?
    Use the Direct Connection option. We have discussed this in detail in Method 3 under Top 3 "How to use Xander using Hotspot or Direct Connection".

    Does "Xender Web" work for iOS?
    Yes, web xender works fine with both iOS and Android. For more information, you can read our dedicated article about using xender on iPhone and other compatible iOS devices.

    Does Xender have any official software?
    Yes. You can download it for your Windows device from Microsoft Store here. However, the latest Xender for PC is limited to a small number of Windows laptops. We recommend you to use Xender Web from our secure link or download Xender for PC.

    How to download Xender for PC Softonic / FileHippo?
    As of now, it is not available on Softonic or FileHippo. You can download it from our secure link. The binary is safe to download, so you don't have to worry about malware or virus attacks.

    Q: What are the benefits of using Xender PC?
    There are a lot of advantages to using xender on PC. For more information read the reviews and features described earlier in this post.

    Question: How to download Xender for PC on Windows 10?
    Here is the link to download xender on Windows PC. In addition, the software supports all versions of Windows from above Windows 7 (ie, Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10).

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    Nowadays, almost everyone carries multiple devices. Our files, documents, pictures are all scattered on our phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Xender Web-based application is a "free to use" web portal that makes it easy to use for Xender users to connect their phones, tablets, or any xender app compatible device to a PC. While there are other ways to connect your PC to your phone, Web xender makes this process easy, effective and, above all, saves time. So the next time you forget your data cable at home, don't curse yourself that you use web.xender, and make your life a little easier!
    In other words, Xender is a great app when it comes to file-sharing. Whether it is an app on your phone or a document on your PC, xender covers you. With Xender for PC, you can easily transfer anything from your phone or tablet to your PC. Xender for PC basically integrates your PC and phone (or tablet) and simplifies cross-platform file sharing. And you don't even need a cable or internet connection! So, why wouldn't you try it?
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    Secret Tip: Hi, friends are you facing problems connecting with Xender Web. I also waste my lot,s of time to try connecting with Xender web but it don,t work.so if you are too facing a problem connecting with xender web then don't waste your time connecting it just avoid it and try other available methods. if you want to know some other methods then comment below I will post a post with complete details that are completely safe to use.

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