YTS:The Official Home YIFY Movies Torrent Download|review

YTS:The Official Home YIFY Movies Torrent Download|review
YTS: The Official Home YIFY Movies Torrent Download|review
YTS: The Official Home YIFY Movies Torrent Download|review: The Best Yif Movies (yifi Movies) Proxy Sites and What You Should Know About ThemAlso known as yify movies (yifi movies) have become very popular over the years. You get the same HD movies and your experience from a more well-known brand, but the file size is much smaller.
The experience of Yifi movies (yify movies) comes in torrents. What makes this experience so appealing is that it works for people who live in rural areas and who do not have Internet access.
Now, for example, you go to download a yts movie torrent package and it does not work. Something similar happened to me.
 This means that the website may not be available for that torrent package. This does not mean that the quality is poor. This means that download yify may not work for your location. All you have to do is go to the next option.

How do I open a YIFY site?

Well sites like YIFY host a lot of pirated content and are usually in a lot of countries.

To circumvent this:

  1. Use a VPN: Using a VPN you can access the site from another country where it is not blocked (yet)
  2. Use a proxy: This is a less secure method as it still exposes your IP and could potentially be a fake site that has been loaded with adware and what not. Access the site using a proxy website that is not blocked and linked to the same content.
Instead of using YIFY I suggest you stick to legal streaming platforms ...

DISCLAIMER: This article is only for educational purpose I don,t suggest you use any pirated site.

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Other options available (depending on your IP address and VPN output)? We will break down the seven most popular options below.

1) Pirate Bay
Pirate bay speeds range from fat to very fast (depending on the file size you choose). This thing has everything and is a favorite choice among film and TV lovers. Pirate Bay will work with most IP addresses and will hold a lot of HD movies.

This includes TV and game options for movies. You can also find some old and rare finds here. If you want to find obscure and out-of-print (with a few exceptions) files, Pirate Bay is one of the best places.
You can trust uploaders on the site, which is why it is number one.

2) EZTV Options
do you like to watch TV? This is the option for you. You can find anything on this site (once again, within reason). This site will take almost everything to you, even things that are not in places like Tubi and IMDb TV.

3) Nyaa
Do you like anime (specifically, Japanese anime)? This is the place for you. It is one of the most (arguably) gift sites that anime loves. You can find everything from games and TV shows to movies. You ask almost anyone in the anime world, it's a go-to site.

Now, you can also get English downloads (not all of them come in Japanese). However, most HD torrent downloads come in Japanese. This means that if you are looking in English, you may not have to brush your Japanese.

4) TorLock

It creates a list due to a clean interface and wide selection. The interface is easy to use. Most users have no problem finding something on the site.

5) wasting

Now, to be clear, this option is Russian-based, but you do not need to know Russian to understand what the site offers. Most people search for something here to download, even some people were not surprised that they still did not exist.

6) Torrents2

I have run this site. This is a very good Yifi site to visit. Now, to be clear (once again), this is a meta-search site. What you do is use the site primarily as a search engine. It will list together what you need to find. There is no such estimate.


This option is for those who just want movies and TV. It will only offer verified uploaders. This way you know that you are getting verified torrent files, which are very important when it comes to torrent file downloading. RARBG is one of the more reliable sites to use (similar to Pirate Bay), but without some similar selections.


Is YIFY Illegal?

By law, yes, it is illegal in some ways. You are downloading protected content without the owner's permission. In a sense, you are showing the movie in a TV show (no pun intended), and, it is illegal.

What Happened YIFY 2019?

What has happened mirrors the initial company and produced a proxy-based torrent downloading service. It acts as an intermediary between the user and the parent company. The mirror will reduce the block that holds the service. This means that even if your ISP is blocking you, you can still access the content. This means that you can still use the content you want, even when the original site has been shut down by the government

Is YIFY Good Quality?

According to some people who have used the sites, they consider the quality to be terrible. The sites claim that you are getting HD quality movies, TV, and other mixed products, but you may not be. Sites (according to many) encode high-quality content versions with low-quality standards. This means that they mix the two. The 480 and 5756P versions will be fixed automatically. However, when you mix the two to produce an HD product, you reduce the product level and price.

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