Highest Paying Affiliate Programs:Ultimate List

As affiliate marketers, you want to find the highest paying affiliate programs that best align with your audience. Of course, you have Amazon, the 800 lb gorilla has something for everyone. It is free to join but with average commission rates of 3% - you need to get a lot of traffic to do well.

Amazon is a fast-growing company, which changes policies at one point in time and will continue to grow even further.

This was definitely a timely warning. Amazon has reduced its commission rates across the board. Most products are now in the 3% commission category. Where there were many in the 6% - 8% category. This is a reduction of over 50% in affiliate commissions.
There are many affiliate programs to choose from that are perfect for beginners and experts. There are many high-paying offers for you to represent as an affiliate beyond Amazon. Contains …

  • Affiliate networks such as ShareASale and Clickbank
  • Direct programs like Target and eBay
  • Recurring commission program
  • High paying program
All niches will have additional affiliate programs. You are doing a service to your audience and increasing your authority by reviewing and reviewing these niche-specific products.
We have seen hundreds of affiliate programs across many niches. Here are our favorites to diversify your affiliate income now.

Personal affiliate program

Instead of using affiliate networks, many companies run affiliate programs in their home country. This is usually a good thing. It shows a commitment to creating a technology platform for the affiliate program and has affiliate management staff.

The list below is our collection of top personal affiliate programs. They cover many places… a good place to see the most popular products for your visitors.

Digital Product Affiliate Program

Digital products are a unique market. These are downloadable offerings, such as plugins and themes, software as a service (SaaS) offerings, training and membership, and more. They are particularly popular in Internet marketing and Make Money Online (MMO) niches. But most of the markings will have digital products that are justified.

Commissions are higher with these products. Usually 30% - 50% of the selling price. You want to do a good job of weighing these products. Many are of low quality or not suitable for your niche.

There are three big players at this place ...

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs:Ultimate List

ClickBank is best known by affiliate marketers and digital product manufacturers. They specialize in digital products like JVZoo, Warrior Plus, and 2 Checkout. You need to be careful with Clickbank as many offers are of low quality. Many use email, solo advertising, and similar marketing methods to promote products. They specialize in information products with health, dating, and self-improvement offers. There is a $ 75 fee for affiliates to list products on the ClickBank network

  • Millions of products
  • Free for affiliate owners and 75 for content owners to join
  • Many products are 40% + commission
  • More than 200 million customers
  • Join Clickbank

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs:Ultimate List

JVZoo is very similar to ClickBank. They mainly provide software, information products, and e-books, including digital products. They have been largely passed by ClickBank but still have many stronger products and fewer junk products than JVZoo. Unlike JVZoo each program approves you individually. A major feature is an instant payment from vendors who approve you. ClickBank JV Zoo ID free for both affiliate and product creators. This makes it a great place to launch your first digital product.

  • Information and other digital products
  • Both Affiliate and Creators are free to join
  • High Payout 40% Commission
  • Instant Payouts for Successful Affiliates
  • Signup for jvzoo
  • See our detailed article on the JV-Zoo Affiliate Program

Best Recurring Affiliate Program

Who does not like to close a deal and pay forever it is an opportunity with recurring schedules. Not only do they generally pay higher, but you are paid every month that your referred customer stays with them.

These types of programs are in the form of hosting, software in service (SaaS), and membership sites. They pay so well because it is not a single transaction. Product owners enjoy lifetime customer value.
Highest Paying Affiliate Programs:Ultimate List
Hosting companies
Hosting always pays well for affiliates. Those who do not have a recurrence program usually have larger initial payments. Some specific programs ...

CloudWays - A hosting company where you can choose between two payment types) paid flat commission ($ 50 - $ 125 per sale) or 2) $ 30 per sale + 7% residual commission per month for the lifetime of the customer.

Kinsta - One of the best-managed WordPress hosts, $ 50 - $ 500. Recurring commissions are 10% commissions.

Software as a service (SaaS)

SaaS products have monthly fees so that they can generate monthly commissions. some examples are …

SEMRush - One of the leading SEO companies. 40% Recurring Commission.

SpyFu - Check your competitor's keywords. 40% Recurring Payment

LeadPage - One of the best landing page platforms. 30% Recurring Commission, must be a member!

ClickFunnels - The king of recurring commissions where you can win a car! 40% Recurring Payment

Aweber - Everyone requires email marketing. 30% monthly recurring. Free 30-day trial

High Paid Affiliate Marketing Program

It is always best to spread your risk in the context of affiliate programs. You do not want to be 100% dependent on Amazon for example. They can change their commission rates ... again. They can de-authorize you for some unknown reason ... it happens.

All these programs pay at least $ 300 the most. Many programs have recurring payments.

Many programs are not included. There were specific programs that I could not recommend that people make money from it. But I avoid rich quick schemes and aggressive multi-level marketing.

And in "Outsourcing Industries" like forex, gambling, "sex", etc. they were, if your audience is suitable in every way, then check these out too.


Commission amount: $ 40% recurring
Cookie Length: Lifetime
Sign Up Link: In House Affiliate Program

Clickfunelines is an unprecedented affiliate program. They are world-class marketers who have put together an army of allies and sub-affiliates to sell their products. If you put the affiliate first then they are a great example of what you can do. They have a best-in-class product for building landing pages and offer a 14-day free trial.

It is an easy business to close.

ClickFunnels pays a 40% commission and has two plans of $ 97 / mo and $ 297 / mo one. So you will earn $ 38 or $ 118 per month for each original sale. They use a sticky cookie, which will not expire, the only way to lose the possibility is to visit another ClickFunnels affiliate, which will overwrite your cookie.

Large sums are found with up-sales such as funnel builder secrets. This is a $ 1,997 product that pays you $ 798!

And one final encouragement. When you get 100 active members, ClickFunnels will cover the lease of your dream car - up to $ 500 / mo. Get 200 active members and this is a $ 1000 / mo lease payment. Do they know how or what to take care of colleagues?

Hammacher Schlemmer

Commission amount: 8% of most items
Cookie Length: 30 days
Sign up link: Affiliate page and CJ signup

Hammacher and Schlemmer is a very interesting company. They are America's longest-running catalog which is a well known and trusted brand.

But at 8% though how do they warrant a list of highest-paid affiliate programs? Take a look at some of their more expensive products:

  • Flying Fire Breathing Dragon - $ 60,000
  • Full Immersion Professional Racer Simulator - $ 65,000
  • Barbecue Dining Boat - $ 50,000
  • Golf Hovercraft - $ 58,000
An 8% commission on any of these is going to make some big payments of $ 4,000 - $ 5,200.

These are obviously going to be unusual sales for you. You haven't made a single sale per day or month. I'll focus on very specific long-tail keywords. No keyword volume will be low, but when someone searches for the item you will be on page one for the total lack of competition.


Commission amount: Up to $ 1000 for each product purchased
Cookie Length: 90 Days
Sign up link: hubspot.com/partners/affiliates

HubSpot has a complete suite of Internet marketing tools for the Small Medium Business (SMB) community. Services include all aspects of the customer relationship lifecycle. From initial content strategies and inbound campaigns to a? Till trial B campaigns. It is one-stop shopping.

They have three packages; Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. They pay well…

  • Starter / Basic -> $ 250 in commission
  • Professional / CMS -> $ 500 in commission
  • Enterprise -> $ 1,000 in commission
It is a strong brand with high conversion and low reversal rates. A solid artist. They compete with products such as:

  • Marketo
  • Infusionsoft
  • Pardot
  • Oracle aluqua
  • Act on

Top Highest Paid Affiliate Networks

Max bounty

Maximum bounty high paying affiliate program

MaxBounty is an affiliate network, and one of the best affiliate networks.

This affiliate program is very specialized, so it is much harder to join than most affiliate networks.


... This exclusivity also means that they are paying some of the best commissions in the industry.

They also boast possibly the best affiliate tracking software and fast payment system of all affiliate networks.

MaxBounty is just as choosy when it comes to the offers they will make available. Only high-quality products make it on the network.

Website: maxbounty.com

Affiliate sign-up: MaxBounty requires all new affiliates to complete the application form, once completed you will get a call for an interview, if you pass the interview you will be able to promote their offer Will be

Because there is an interview that you will need some affiliate marketing knowledge in your locker to accept.

Because of this it is probably not the best of affiliate programs for beginners, but it is not a super-tough interview, so don't sweat it. If you are a total newbie, you may want to do a quick read of my article on how affiliate marketing works before the phone rings… check it out here.

Six-Figure Mentors / Digital Experts Academy

Now, we get it outright from the start…

… Six-Figure Mentors / Digital Experts Academy (SFM / DEA) affiliate programs are not free affiliate programs. So if you don't like the idea of ​​getting paid to join affiliate programs, you should go to number 4 on the right.

It will cost you…

... but, they pay handsomely!

Too terrible for SFM / DEA, too far to go to the post. I have written a full review on the SFM side of the business which you can read here (just keep in mind that the article does not go into the DEA which is again another level in potential affiliate commissions).

In this post it is possible to say that this is a training platform, mentorship platform, digital business system and…

... high ticket affiliate programs, paying some of the highest commissions I know.

As a member you have the ability to promote the system for multiple selfies; Business opportunity seekers, online marketing education seekers, digital business training seekers, and generate income through this top paid affiliate program.

Key points of the SFM / DEA high-paying affiliate program:
  • Up to $ 8000 commission per sale
  • 2-tier affiliate structure
  • Online marketing and business skills training
  • Long-term introduction members as recurring monthly and annual commissions remain
  • Digital skills training forum
  • Web Hosting
If you are an experienced affiliate marketer who is actively looking for one of those rare high-ticket affiliate opportunities, then this program may be good for you.

Website: thesixfigurementors.com

Affiliate sign-up: Because it is a business system, training package and affiliate program all rolled into one, the first thing a potential associate should do is join SFM as a member. You can join here for a free trial.

Regal Assets

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs:Ultimate List

Regal assets help individual investors add physical precious metals to their investment portfolio.

I don't know about you but I already have a very profitable niche ring.

Founded in 2009, the company was ranked # 20 in the US by the INC 500 in the financial services category just a few years later, with the goal of simplifying, innovating, and rejuvenating the precious metals investment landscape.

Highlights of Regal Assets High Paid Affiliate Program:
The average gold investment on Regalassets.com is $ 20,000- $ 80,000
You will earn a 3% affiliate commission for sales initiated - which is good for a $ 50,000 mid-range $ 1,500 sale
Lifetime commission, your referrals are for your life so you get paid for all their future purchases.
Additional $ 100 per lead as 'Super-Affiliate'
2-tier affiliate structure so that you pay when you start selling
Related tools and support available
Investing in precious metals is not going to attract everyone, but the people who make it attractive will have a good amount to invest.

The average investment amount is what makes it one of the best paying affiliate programs.

Website: regalassets.com

Affiliate sign-up: Regal Assets runs its own affiliate program through ClickAgen, you can apply to join it.

Liquid web

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs:Ultimate List

Probably the highest paid affiliate program in the web hosting industry.

Liquid Web sells managed WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, VPS and dedicated server services.

Promote this managed web hosting company and as an affiliate, you will earn between $ 125 to $ 800 per sale, plus a 5% recurring commission.

The signup process is straightforward; Select a program, create an account, and start referring.

Once onboard, you will find banner ads and links to promote the products of the Liquid Web.

Website: liquidweb.com

Affiliate Sign-up: Liquid Web Impact Radius runs its own in-house affiliate program run by affiliates, as well as making the event available at Commission Junction. You can apply for your home program here, or to go through a CJ affiliate.

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